Posted on 21-Dec-2018

Kaytek Computer Services Pvt. Ltd

In our daily lives, we all like to watch content on Netflix which shows us other similar content that other users have watched. Amazon also does a similar task is showing us product suggestions after we have shopped. Both these are examples of recommendation systems. Collaborative Filtering is an important technique used in recommendation systems.

User Movie Ratings are a common problem solved using the same. This article looks at a contemporary Machine Learning Software FastAI and it's founder Jeremy Howard's explanation of the solution of Collaborative Filtering problem using Microsoft Excel. This was done as part of the FastAI Deep Learning Version 1.3 course in November 2018.

It also provides the real world intuition behind Entity Embeddings (the latent factors that describe any Entity) in the context of Users & Movies. The article would be useful to anyone who wishes to use embeddings in Collaborative Filtering and understand the same using Excel first and later on with an advanced programming language.
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