Posted on 02-Jan-2019

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The one second rule in AI.

A normal human working day consists of 8 hours or 28800 seconds.

As per Artificial Intelligence (AI) guru Andrew Ng, today any task that takes the human mind one second to do, is capable of being done by AI faster, better and cheaper.

Just imagine in every work shift of 8 hours, AI has 28000 + opportunities to better us in all our tasks of vision, speech & cognitive abilities.

The technology behind AI powered facilities today e.g Google Search or Apple Siri can handle 5 Billion plus parameters simultaneously in their artificial neural networks (like a simple one shown in the diagram above).

Their only ability is that they can process huge amounts of data as mentioned above in a fraction of a second. This is only because of Mathematics.

This means that humans will have to raise their level of thinking first to understand how AI works (based on Mathematics) and then figure out stuff that AI still cannot. e.g. Unstructured situation handling. (though, even here AI is getting better as we read this post).

Hence, learning high school Mathematics is equivalent to a Kindergarten level understanding in AI.

For an easy (but technical) understanding of new developments in AI (Augmented Intelligence), we keep posting new articles on EasyAI website at the link below.
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