Posted on 01-Jul-2019

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An ‘Entity Embeddings’ sharing with New York’s AI Community

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already becoming central to most advanced economies and businesses. As it is a rapidly advancing field with more than 100 new AI research papers released daily, it is important for both business & technology professionals to strive to learn about how they can profitably leverage AI in their work and lives.

Forbes speculates that the global AI economy could cross over US 150 Trillion $ in a few years. If true, it would be 60 times the size of India's current GDP. Which is HUGE.

There are 9 global AI giants in the world. Amazon is one of them using AI extensively in their global E-Commerce businesses. Early last month, at an invite by one of their AI architects, I was fortunate to address around 50 of New York's AI Community professionals at the Amazon NY office.

As a 3 year young toddler in my AI learning journey, I shared with them my thoughts on an emerging AI technique called 'Entity Embeddings' being used by almost all the global internet giants. I call it as the 'Mathematization of Intelligence'.
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